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Our Aluminium profiles

Aluminum profiles are highly popular in modern construction industry due to their lightweight, durability, and high corrosion resistance, finding usage in various sectors such as construction, engineering, and automotive industries. Aluminium profiles offer an attractive option as building components and structural elements due to their versatile properties like lightweight, corrosion resistance, and flexibility.



Aluminium profile series 40 (i)

Overview aluminium profile series 40 (i)

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Aluminium profiles series 45 (B)

Overview aluminium profile series 45 (B)

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This system also offers a wide range of covers, caps, and end pieces that ensure an aesthetic and clean appearance of the construction. The accessory program includes a large selection of handles, hinges, and rollers that are suitable for use in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, or furniture construction.



Aluminium special profiles

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Aluminium cable ducts

Overview aluminium cable ducts

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Additionally, we offer an extensive selection of accessories for lighting technology, including LED strips that can be easily integrated into the aluminium profiles to create an efficient lighting solution.

Overall, our comprehensive accessory program provides a wide range of options to make the modular system even more flexible. Customers can choose from various elements and customize the system to their specific requirements, creating tailor-made constructions that meet the individual needs of each project.

Our modular system is a perfect solution for customers in need of aluminium profiles for their applications. It offers an efficient and cost-effective way to create customized solutions that meet the higher standards. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and products or visit our online shop.

When choosing to use aluminium profiles in your project, it is beneficial to have an experienced partner by your side. We not only provide high-quality aluminium profiles but also offer professional advice on the appropriate system. We specialize in realizing manufacturing facilities based on an aluminium profile modular system and supplying technical operating equipment and components for industrial companies as well as machinery and plant engineering.

Our experience and expertise in the field of aluminium profiles enable us to offer you a tailor made solution for your project. Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services and products.



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