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Crate-lifting equipment

Are the employees in your manufacturing facilities weightlifters? Carrying out assembly operations effectively usually involves bringing very heavy containers up to the right height. Over the course of the day, this can amount to several hundred kilos. With our lifting equipment, you can put an end to bending and lifting.

At the press of a button, your parts will be within easy reach and at the right height. This makes it possible for your employees to use ergonomically-designed methods that will protect their health. The crate-lifting device was developed especially for the lifting and lowering of heavy weights, for example, in transportation containers.

There are two types of application that are conceivable

  • Lifting, for example, from the floor up to working height, with subsequent removal of parts (assembly)
  • Filling the container at working height, then lowering it to the ground (component manufacturing). The operator can control the working height at the press of a button (continuously adjustable).

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