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Workplace systems

As our customer, you will benefit from the extensive spectrum of possibilities provided by the ASK modular system:

The engineered profiles of the aluminium modular profile system are compatible with all the well-known systems on the market and thus provide the freedom to consider every conceivable idea in the design of the manufacturing facilities being planned.
The benefits for our customers arise through the combination of both product and expertise – from the modular nature of the ASK system and from our knowledge of the possibilities which it provides.

Our ideas, coupled with our components, pave the way for the development of manufacturing facilities which fulfil all the requirements – in regard to both economic efficiency and function.

We will also find the ideal solution for your production process, resulting in manufacturing facilities which meet all your requirements. Depending on the assignment you set us, we will use the creative freedom available to us to develop the most efficient possible solution for your new workplace system. Personal service and straightforward to deal with – for your complete satisfaction!

Our wide spectrum of services in the area of workplace systems includes:

  • workplaces for assembly and for manual work
  • conveyor belts and lines
  • complete shelving systems
  • a wide range of models of trolleys to transport materials
  • grab containers
  • ergonomically-designed work chairs (with free testing option)
  • floormats
  • foot rests
  • an extensive range of lighting and power sockets

We can of course also provide for your ESD sensitive areas. You make the decisions on an individual basis.
You determine the scale and extent of what we deliver to you!
We can deliver as an assembly kit, ready for self-assembly, or completely pre-assembled systems.

Do you have any questions? Would you like us to give you a quote? Give us a call or send us an e-mail.
We would be very happy to advise you – if you wish, on your own premises!

Unser Spektrum im Bereich Arbeitsplatzsysteme

  • Montage- und Handarbeitsplätzen
  • Förderbahnen und -strecken
  • kompletten Regalsystemen
  • Materialwägen unterschiedlichster Ausführungen
  • Greifbehälter
  • ergonomischen Arbeitsstühlen (mit Gratistest)
  • Bodenmatten
  • Fußauflagen
  • umfangreichen Leuchten- und Steckdosenprogramm.

Selbstverständlich auch für Ihre ESD-sensitiven Bereiche - entscheiden Sie individuell!

Welchen Umfang wir liefern dürfen, bestimmen Sie:
Als Baukasten zur Selbstmontage vorbereitet oder komplett montiert.

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Wir beraten Sie gerne – auch direkt bei Ihnen im Unternehmen!

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