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Delivery Service -just in time-

“Just in time” delivery service

In order to ensure that we ship your goods to you at both the right point in time and at a price that represents good value, we have a delivery service which is based on a number of solid foundations:

Package delivery
We have been working with our package delivery partners UPS for some years now and we can rely on the service they provide.
Even with the standard UPS shipment, we guarantee you a shipment time of less than 48 hours from Vilseck to any location within Germany.
In most cases, you will have your order on your premises on the day following dispatch.
Our own forwarding company “Emons”, which currently picks up 5 days a week (daily, from Monday to Friday), delivers to you within 48 to 72 hours.
Direct delivery:
A courier driver currently delivers three to four times a week in a radius of around 150 kilometres around Vilseck.
Do you need the items urgently? Then we can deliver the goods ourselves with our company van which has its own trailer. Or for packages, we make use of the UPS Express service.