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Customizable Storage Systems and Innovative Solutions


Locker Cabinet BasicLocker Cabinet with integrated seating benches Open wardrobe with integrated bench



Welcome to ASK GmbH, your trusted provider of customizable storage systems and innovative workspace solutions. We offer a diverse selection of products, including drawer cabinets, locker cabinets, compartment cabinets, tool cavinets, and modular workplace systems. With our extensive range of tools, accessories, and hanging fittings, you can create personalized storage systems tailored to your requirements.





Large 10-compartment cabinetLarge 4-compartment cabinetSeparate compartment wardrobe

Locker Cabinets are ideal for changing rooms, schools, and public facilities, our locker cabinets offer secure and organized storage for clothing, shoes, and personal belongings. Choose from different sizes and designs, and select the locking system that suits your needs, including combination locks, electronic locks, or padlocks. For added convenience, some models even feature integrated seating benches.

Compartment Cabinets provide flexible storage solutions for larger items such as tools, files, or folders. You can customize the compartments to accommodate unique shapes and sizes, ensuring safe storage and easy access. Available in various sizes and configurations, these cabinets can be equipped with lockable doors or glass doors for enhanced security and visibility.



Drawer Cabinets (selectable colors)Drawer Cabinet (with open drawer)


Our Drawer Cabinets are designed to provide efficient storage for tools, small parts, and various materials. Equipped with adjustable hagning fittings, you can customize the drawer heights and widths to accommodate items of different sizes. Our cabinets come in various sizes and configurations, and you can enhance their funtionality with accessories such as tool holders, drawer dividers, and visible storage boxes.







Tool holder TrolleyTool holder block



Our Tool Cabinets are specifically designed for tool storage, they offer optimal utilization of space with adjustable hanging fitting. Choose from a range of sizes and configurations to meet your needs. Optional lockable doors or drawers provide additional security for your valuable tools.







Our modular workplace systems and innovative solutions offer flexible and efficient solutions for your workstations and storage areas. Customize your workspace with options such as workbenches, cabinets, shelves, transport trolleys, and more. By combining different modules, you can create tailored solutions that maximize the use of available space. 

At ASK GmbH, we prioritize quality, functionality, and ergonomic design in our products. We provide a comprehensive range of tools, accessories, and storage options, including tool holders, screwdriver holders, hook sets, tool trays, and more, ensuring optimal organization and quick access to your tools and materials.

Boost productivity, optimize workflows, and maintain a safe and well-organized workspace with ASK GmbH's customizable storage systems and innovative solutions. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find the perfect storage solution for your business.




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